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3d archery range

3d archery range

Parcour will be closed from 22.11. due to winter conditins.

Parcour is opened and ready for your visit

3D archery parcour is located in the airport area on the outskirts of Hradec Králové. The circuit comprises a total of 28 3D targets. Archery is open to the public. Each shooter must sign in the guestbook and pay entrance fee according to pricelist

Archery parcour consists of small archery range for training with common targets and a circuit with 28 3D animal targets.Circuit is marked with caution tape. Each animal has own number(from 1 to 28). Shooting positions are labeled with red, blue and white stakes. Shooting on the circuit is governed by rules. Each archer must agree with them before entering the parcour by signing in the questbook.

There is also possibility to rent a bow. We advise beginers to complete circuit under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Payment methods(pricelist)

  • direct deposit (exact amount, because there is no possibility to change)
  • bank transfer 670100-2206879937/6210

Opening hours

Mon - Sun 8:00 - 2 hours before dark

Parcour map