Chiméra 3D
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3d archery range


All archers should

  • Pay entrance fee(see prices and payment methods)
  • Sign into guestbook (even if he has year-round pass)
  • The shooter must touch the shooting stake, shooting from anywhere else is not allowed for safety reasons.
  1. Red stake – Compounds and crossbows
  2. Blue stake - all other bows (adults)
  3. White stake - youths (<15yr)
  • The shooter can shoot a multiple times only in case of miss. Only one hit of each animal allowed!
  • The shooter must always follow marked route. If the shooter decides to terminate the shooting prematurely and leave, he must always follow the route to its end and securely leave the circuit.
  • The shooter is required to maintain parcour clean.
  • Use only target points!

Other rules and regulations

  • Archers younger than 18 years old must be accompanied with their parents or other adult person.
  • Only bows and crossbows are allowed, all other weapons are prohibited.
  • Bow can be stretched only at the stake in the direction of the target and is always up to the height of the target.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash.
  • Keep in mind that area of airport is common for more companies. Keep them safe.
  • Each shooter is personally responsible for the safety of their actions in the area and bears all responsibility for any damage to property or injury caused to himself or to others.
  • By signing the guestbook each of the shooters confirms that he was familiar with the rules and agrees to abide by them.